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Thank you for your support!
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Our Story

Picture it. Arkansas 2020. In the height of a pandemic a new mother was tired of not being able to find a lot of things that resonated with her. She wanted more options for not only herself but her friends, family, and especially her newborn son. Thats when Loc'D Creations was started. She knew she wanted to create personable pieces that had representation because representation matters!

She knew, much like her loc journey, it would take commitment, patience, dedication, and uniqueness to build the business while creating those pieces and this is why she named it
 Loc'D Creations

Our Mission

Committed to creating greatness

Our business aims to provide customers the best value for their hard-earned money by offering simple products that are relatable, fun, versatile, and that catches the eye. We also strive to make sure your experience with Loc'D Creations is both seamless and memorable. Whether it be through our custom T-Shirts or through our unique Doormats we want YOUR personality to shine through.

Say hi to our team

Loc'D Creations currently consists of two team members. Meet Brittany D our Social Media Manager and Mary N our CEO. The two met in college at Henderson State University and the story how still remains unknown but it was truly meant to be. It's true what they say about those who you meet in college; they will be forever friends/family.

Meet Brittany D.: Brittany, who we affectionately call Bee, was born and raised in Arkansas and she currently resides in Jonesboro. She enjoys sports, music, and traveling. She's probably the goofiest intellectual you could meet and will always find a way to get you to smile or laugh no matter what mood you may be in. Her favorite thing to say is "HHIIIII! My name is Brittany. I like mozzarella sticks and Bobs Burgers."

Meet Mary N.: Mary was born and raised in Arkansas and currently resides in Fayetteville. She enjoys music, traveling, and reading good books. She has a 1 year old son she loves unconditionally even when he's terrorizing the house. She loves to make people laugh and will never miss a beat when it comes to jokes. Her favorite thing to say is "That's weird...... that's suspicious." to literally everything. 

Brittany D

Social Media Manager

Mary N